How do you add an emoji to a post?

How do I add an emoji like :seedling: to a post? Do I just copy-and-paste it from another post like I did here? Is there some kind of magic syntax like :gardening:? The help topics mention that emojii can be used for discovering posts but don’t actually say how to use them!

There’s no magic syntax. You can type them in from your keyboard if it supports emoji. Copy and paste works too. What device are you using? As a Mac/iPhone/iPad user, I’m most familiar with how to do it on those devices, but our community has users of other devices who could provide more insight if you need help.

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Great, thanks! I’m on macOS. Copy and paste works for me, I like the emoji keyboard on iOS but the pop-up one on macOS always bugs me.

On macOS, I also recommend the app Rocket, which adds that kind of magic syntax to any app including It’s free for most features. Rocket – the best emoji app for Mac


Whoa! Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this app before? It’s :+1:

For me, Control + Command + Space on Mac opens the emoji picker. I think that’s universal; I don’t remember implementing that shortcut myself.

It does, and that’s what I do, but then you still have to type in the search if it’s not one of your frequently-used emojis.