How do I unify my old content and my new paid account?

At - @Mattfinlayson you can see all my existing content created on a free microblog account by importing from my own wordpress rss feed.
At you can see I have a new empty blog.

Is there a way to get feed content that was posted to my free account turned into posts on my new paid microblog account? I’m trying to avoid creating a ton of duplicate posts.

The most obvious way is to export the feed source from wordpress and import it, but I don’t want to spam everyone.

Importing the WordPress posts is probably the way to go. Unfortunately I do think it will create duplicates in the timeline for the older posts. I don’t think it really spams everyone, though, because it will sort the posts back in the timeline, so people will only see the duplicates if they go to your profile and scroll back. If it’s too much to clean up manually, email me and I may be able to batch delete some of the older duplicates.

If you have cross-posting enabled, I also recommend disabling that until after the import is finished.

For anyone who comes across this, I did indeed follow Manton’s advice. I stopped syndicating from to my Wordpress instance. Then I exported my Wordpress content to an XML file and uploaded it to I did end up with duplicates in my timeline and I decided that was going to be ok.