How do I show a micro post preview?

Hi, how do I show the card preview of a micro post? Examples are all over I’m specifically looking to show three or four of my micro posts inside a larger blogpost.


Ah, those previews come from choosing the Embed link below a post on the Micro.Blog timeline when using a web browser. (I don’t use the apps — perhaps they are available there too.)

Thank you so much! I so rarely use the web version that I didn’t even know those were there!

I’d love to do more with Embed. It started as kind of an experiment, but it really should be a core feature in the mobile apps too.

Might be a bit of a nerd feature, but I think shipping a common shortcode would be nice for this.

That’s an interesting idea. It would make the embed code much shorter. It’s kind of a mess right now of HTML. Downside is the embed wouldn’t be portable to other non-M.b blogs as easily.

I think the shortcode is a great way to force yourself to make a less messy, encapsulated html/js/css expansion for embeds that can be the basis of cross-platform use (though it will make porting away from MB a little hard because of how/when custom shortcodes get processed). It may be good as a plug-in that’s installed by default.

We also need the Embed link enabled on the Conversation view

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I wonder could you do oembed? That would play nicely with WordPress and I presume other places.



oembed would be generally good, or a custom HTML element might be a nice way to embed it, too. And if you want to give users options for portability, you might want to look at how YouTube is doing it, and one option would be ”copy shortcode/custom element for” and one option would be “copy full embed code”.