How do I set my blog's subtitle?

I use the Tufte theme on my blog The header of my pages shows the site title (i.e., my name) and the line “enter your subtitle here”.

How can I set that subtitle? I haven’t been able to find any related setting.

The subtitled is changed by editing a file named config.json described in detail here: Changing the “description”, “subtitle” and “mailto” parameters in config.json.

@sod Thank you very much!

The Tufte plugin has now been updated to include settings after you’ve installed it. These settings allow you to set the custom subtitle and mailto parameters without editing the config.json, and will maintain the settings whenever the plugin updates. If you’ve already installed the theme via plugin, check for an update. If you’ve installed via GitHub you’ll have to delete your custom theme (making sure the theme in Design is still set to blank), and then install Tufte via the plugin.

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