How do I remove Replies page from blog navigation?

Hi. I’m in my account settings and have set my Replies to be shown on timeline only. But I still see a Replies page on my blog.

I realised I could just delete the page.

But I quite like having a replies page. Is there a way to keep it but hide it from the main navigation? There is no check box to do so on the page.

I don’t use replies, but on all user generated pages there’s a checkbox to support whether to show in nav. If your theme is properly written, that should do it.

Thanks. No, there’s no check box

The “Show this page” checkbox was accidentally hidden for the special Replies page. I’ll fix this. I should have the change rolled out later today.

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Thanks @manton !!

Hi @manton

This setting is not working for me. I see the checkbox now. But when I untick and save changes, the setting is not persisting. So I am unable to remove from navigation.

Sorry, it wasn’t 100% working at first. Should be working now so the checkbox setting is saved. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

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