How do I code a page with a contact form that goes to my email?

I’d like to create a page on my site with a contact form so that people can send messages that go to my email address. However, I’d like to keep my email address private. Here is an example of a contact form similar to what I’d like.

I’m proficient with a very particular kind of coding (for data analysis, mostly R and MATLAB), but I’ve never used HTML or CSS before and I don’t even know where to start. Any beginner-friendly resources and suggestions for setting this up on specifically would be welcome!

Unfortunately you would have to embed a form generated by a service. HTML and javascript on their own cannot send emails-- so you’d need to hook into a transaction email service to actually send the email.

Your best bet is to find a form service that has a free tier and allows embedding and then inlining the embed code in your theme template.