How do I change my custom domain name for the fediverse

I read that “In on the web, click Account → ActivityPub. You will be prompted to select a username. A paid hosted microblog is required, and if you have a custom domain name for your blog, you can use that or just”

Right now mine is

So, how do I change it to a custom domain name since I already have a custom domain for my blog.


When changing your domain name, you need to go to Account → Show Fediverse Details and click the Reset button. We don’t do this automatically right now because unfortunately it resets your followers on Mastodon. Looking for a way around that in the future so that the migration is more seamless.

Yes please!

Got it Manton.

Like to ask for your opinion.

I’ve set up a public digital notebook (which is, a ‘blog’ for the podcast (which will be another custom URL - haven’t decided yet), and then a social micro-blog (which will be another custom URL).

For the social micro-blog, I want it to federate to bluesky, mastodon, and threads (if that’s possible). Because that can do this, I want this social micro-blog to be “my own server”.

What do you think of this? Is suited for this purpose?

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