How can I read in chronological order?

Alas, @sod, it doesn’t work. The footer renders empty (no links to next or previous page), see screenshots below.

:point_up_2: single.html in Design

:point_up_2: single page (blog post) on test blog (with two pages in total)

:point_up_2: html source of the above blog post

This new version depends on the category you said you post under: dagboek. You can see that accounted for in the first part of the template:

{{ $diaryPages := .Site.Taxonomies.categories.dagboek.Pages.Reverse }}

If your test blog differs from your production blog, that snippet won’t work. Does your test blog have the category set up and posts assigned to that category?

No, it didn’t have any categories. I added those, and now it does work. Now testing on “the big blog.”

It works. A minor issue is that the most recent post points to the very first post, but that’s easy to fix by changing the wording (earlier to previous, later to next).

Thanks a lot. You helped me tremendously. :kissing_heart: