How can I make angle brackets work?

A lot of my posts use angle brackets - I write a lot of dialogue/conversations down and use them for conveying emotion or action. For reasons I don’t understand, I can’t use angle brackets in posts, the text between them just disappears. Also for reasons I don’t understand, if a Mastodon post I make with dialogue and angle brackets is imported into my blog, they WORK! They show up fine. But if I write from, it fails.

Is there a way to fix this or somehow code my posts so I can use them?

(I’ve tried using square brackets but those don’t work either, and curly braces just look weird.)

Here’s an example of something I wrote today - the angle brackets work fine in one spot but in the other spot the text just disappeared so I had to make those curly brackets: hollie butler -

If I’m not mistaken, you mean < >?
These are reserved for code. So, in other words, when you <write something like this> Microblog “thinks” you are putting in HTML code and tries to execute that.

Try to use escape characters. I believe in markdown these are backslashes. Escape characters tell MB it’s not a code; you actually mean what you type literally. That’s why they’re called escape characters, you’re “escaping” the syntax of the code.

so instead of writing <something> write \<something\>.

The reason dialogue works, I imagine, is because you’re probably using hyphens (like -) before the brackets which makes it into a list, and that’s executed differently. I might be wrong…


Thank you, that seems to work! :slight_smile:

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