How can I hide (but not delete) core pages?

I want the photos & archive pages to exist, but not be visible in the blog category links.

They don’t have the:

" Include this page in your blog navigation"

toggle like others do.

How could I hide them from navigation, but still leave them as reachable and linkable?

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search and stats plugins have the same problem (but worse since they don’t even have Page to edit), but I expect those have to be handled by the plugin maintainers as a config option.

@sod handled this differently (better IMO!) for surprise me.

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Photos and Archives really should have that “Include this page” checkbox. I’ll work on adding that. In the meantime you will probably need to create a custom theme that overrides the header to just show the links you want instead of having manage it.


The custom theme approach, as @manton suggests, is definitely the most elegant. If you’re okay with a hack, you could add this to your custom CSS.

/* Hide the last two list items in the header navigation. */
.header > nav li:nth-last-child(-n+2) {
  display: none;

Ideas are percolating for how we could better handle plug-in pages via nifty user interfaces in this thread. So, hopefully, this will get better in the future.

Customizing your theme template is the only/best solution here, especially as it pertains to plug-ins adding pages.

There’s probably something like this in your header partial:

{{ with site.Menus.main }}
      {{ range . }}
        <a class="{{ if eq .URL $url }}active{{ end }}" href="{{ .URL }}">
          {{ .Name }}
      {{ end }}
{{ end }}

And you’ll want to eliminate that and instead hardcode the links to pages you want to be in your navigation (or possibly filter out certain URLs from the range instead).

@sod I tried this hack without success tonight. I’m trying to hide everything after the “HeyDingus :arrow_upper_right:” item. I’ve also tried the nav a[href='/stats/'] { display: none; } trick, but it leaves weird spacing for the list item, even though the content of the list item itself is hidden. I thought since this looked like it worked on the <li> bit that this would be cleaner, but alas, nay.

Every theme is different and my hack needs adjusting to fit yours. Here’s one solution:

/* Hide the last three list items in the header navigation. */
.menu li:nth-last-child(-n+3) {
  display: none;
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You’ve done it! Thank you! :grin:

I apologize if that reply came across as whiny. I was so excited to find your solution after being stumped for months.

As a newbie, I really appreciate all your guidance for the community, and your help tonight.

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Your reply didn’t appear whiny to me, no need to apologize. :blush: I’m happy to hear that it worked out.