Hosting my wiki on MB...?

I asked on @help it it was suggested I’ll come here, makes sense.

So my wiki, currently redirected from, is essentially a large html file with javascript inside it - tiddlywiki, if you’ve heard of it. I also have a folder with a couple of images related to it. It’s hosted for free on gitlab, and it’s a bit of an overkill for that.

I’m wondering if I can host it on MB somehow, where a link to the “wiki” page on my blog will lead to a another index.html file.

I’m not sure what does this entail and/or how to do that. the html file is not part of Hugo so it will somehow need to be outside of that framework, was suggest I can upload the html with uploads, but that will change the html’s name each time. I also would like to have another folder for it folders, though it’s possible to include the images inside the html - which will make it huge eventually, but still functional.

Anyone done something like this here? Just wondering.

To expand on my suggestion from @help, one solution is to package up the files in a plug-in. It wouldn’t be a plug-in for anyone else to use. It’s just a convenient way to “install” files into a blog.

You would basically want a file structure like this:

  • static
    • wiki
      • index.html
      • images (or any folder name)
        • whatever.jpg

If you put that as a repository on GitHub (GitLab may also work, although I’m not sure) then you can make a new plug-in for it by clicking Design → Edit Custom Themes → New Plug-in. will download all the files for the plug-in and add them to /wiki on your blog.

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