Highlight in Micro.blog's Markdown?

Noticed that Manton’s blog has some usage of what seems to be <mark> tags to highlight text. Although, in the source file these highlights aren’t really enveloped by anything, which is a mystery.

Does Micro.blog’s implementation of Markdown support highlights? Tried common options like :: or == and wasn’t able to achieve anything. The docs say there’s nothing like that.

Do you have an example blog post where this appears?

I don’t think there’s support for marked text in Micro.blog (Hugo). But the cool thing with Markdown is that you can always fall back on using HTML.

# This is a heading

And this here is <mark>some marked text</mark>.

The above will end up looking like this:

This is a heading

And this here is some marked text.

The correct way to get syntax highlight is with fenced code blocks, as is the GHFM and Common Mark standard.

@jsonbecker I’m not talking about code highlighting :slight_smile:

@sod tried looking for it specifically but wasn’t able to find it. Remember looking through the source code and seeing that it’s not even an HTML object.

Yes, that’s the solution I’m planning to use but I mostly want to switch to just using Markdown (not even img tags) for future portability.

d’oh, I read too fast. The markdown processor used by Hugo is goldmark. It does not support an extension for the mark element-- this is very uncommon for Markdown flavors (unsupported by the original, Common Mark, goldmark, and Github-Flavored Markdown, for example), so I don’t think that you could reliably “just use Markdown” and guarantee portability with non-HTML syntax.

HTML is valid Markdown, so <mark> is valid and would be the most portable choice.

You both seem to be quite right. I’ll stick with HTML. Thank you!