Hide posts with a category of name x

So I have this wacky idea - someone may tell me a better way. Please do!

I am wanting to dump a new “thing” (usually a weblink and some text) as a micro blog item as I come across them… Then once a month subscribers get my linked-list of things. Makes sense?

I dont want this list of “things” being seen in my micro blog. It should be maybe on a seperate page - or maybe even - nowhere.

So do I have to do my own theming to do this is or is there a better way?


This would have to be an edit to your existing theme currently. It’s a little tricky to do, but a pretty minor adjustment just to the part that says “get all the posts and paginate them” to exclude a category.

Thanks @jsonbecker - I thought that may be the case

I think another way I could achieve the same thing (maybe better idea) is to use the bookmarks feature and categorise all these “things” with the correct tag… I dont think there is a natty newsletter option to make an email from these tags but thats ok… any better ideas welcome!