Hide page title

I’m trying to hide the page title on a single page, and don’t even know if that’s possible, but if I can only hide it on all of them, it’ll work as well.

header .page-title { display: none; }
to my working CSS, but the titles still show up.

Ideas? Thanks.

Looks like the class in your theme is masthead-title not .page-title.

As for hiding it on just one page, that would probably best be done by customizing your theme and editing the template.

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Thank you.
I changed it, but this is not exactly what I was looking for, I probably have not explained myself correctly. Your edit hides the name of the blog and I’m looking for a way to hide the individual pages name on the page.
When I visit my about page, or any other, there’s that page’s name below the site name and navigation. That’s the one I want to hide.

It’s not in the header, which is why header .page-title doesn’t select that element. Instead, you can put h1.page-title as the selector.

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Yes! Thank you :blush:
And I believe I have also learned how to do it the next time around, so thank you again.