Help! I "crashed" :( (FIXED! see the at the end)

I was posting a comment with an embedded youtube code. I already clicked published, and now I can no longer see anything under the broken link, no buttons to press, and no other posts.

I went to the main MB page where I see my stream among others and tried to remove the post from there as well, but nothing, it still shows (after hard refresh and removing cookies). So I am guessing I unintentionally did some code injection that messed up my blog.

How do I fix this? Can this post (my latest one about DnD) be removed completely from the “outside” somehow?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to break it :cry:

– I managed to FIX this by going to the “list” view in the posts, so the component of the video did not show. From there, I was able to delete it. Now I can post again without embedding. Embedding is evil.

I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how to use the lite-youtube links. Might just leave it as a simple link for now.

Thanks for reporting that. That seems like something we can fix in the future so that HTML can’t break the display of posts.

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