Help - I added a payment method and still cannot post


I added a payment method in the form of Stripe Link, yet I’m unable to post.

Is there something more I need to do?

I’ve returned to and also updated my payment and now saying I need to upgrade, but then says I’ve paid. Doesn’t seem to be connecting payment to my current blog. @manton

Strongly advise emailing payment issues as the right mechanism for support (or any support that is account specific). This forum is much more users helping other users. Platform things like this will far more likely get a response via an email or writing to @help on itself, in my experience.

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curious if anyone was able to get a response? Not sure what the usual response time from the help email should be.

Just replied via email, @linh. Thanks for your support!

We’ve had a couple issues with older accounts not being properly migrated to the new subscriptions. I’m working on smoothing this over, but definitely email help if you still see any problems and I can fix it quickly.

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