Have alt text for profile pictures in the conversation.js used in replies

I’ve been working towards making my theme more accessible. When I tested it in WAVE, it complains about the profile pictures do no have alternative text.

Could we make it so that the alt is “” or “Profile of {{ User }}”?

Very, very low priority and I’d make a pull request but I don’t know which repository to look at.

What a noble quest you’re on! Thanks for making the web more accessible. :clap:

I cast my vote on including an empty alt attribute. In the context of a conversation, the profile picture is more of a decoration than anything else. A person listening to a longer back-and-forth conversation might tire of hearing “profile of Sven … profile of Mandaris” again and again.

I agree, I’d make it an empty alt to make screen readers bypass the images completely. Could you send me a link to your accessibility ready theme? I’d like to use it and direct others to it.

Hey @weirdwriter!
It says this is your first posting! Thanks for being part of this discussion.

Here is my GitHub repository.

It’s a ongoing project for me.

Thanks, @mandaris yeah, I mostly just lerk on forums and never post anything while just doing a bunch of reading, but I hope you put your theme in the plugins directory soon! :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for an accessibility ready theme, and none of the other themes in the plugin directory mentions accessibility at all, so really wanted to try out your theme. I hope you consider adding it to the plugin directory soon!

Just bumping this thread up a little.