Hashtag from category?

crossposting from my own blog to micro.blog and from there to everywhere else, I get that micro.blog doesn’t support hashtags for good reasons and am pretty okay with that, yet that feels difficult on patforms such as Mastodon/Friendica or micro.blog where hashtags are helpful and commonly used. Reading through


I wonder whether it would be possible to, for outbound crossposting, keep the category and use / add this as a hashtag on platforms that support those (Tumblr, Bluesky, Mastodon, Nostr, Threads, …)? Or is there a plugin or some solution that does that already?

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If I understand the last sentence in the linked example correctly, when we use a hashtag to make a category using that filter, we are also still left with the hashtag, unless we edit it out after posting. Isn’t your problem already solved?

I had not noticed this functionality yet, and now I’m thinking about how I might make use of it in future.

I have suggested similar: Micro.blog Feature Requests - #45 by toddgrotenhuis

Looking more into that, I’m unsure how to really make use of that. My current weblog (which I use to post to micro.blog) uses “category” tags in the RSS XML, but I don’t happen to see them anywhere in micro.blog. Are they discarded / lost? Or do I have to take a different route for that?