Grouping publicly displayed bookmarks by date


I’ve been starting to use @sod 's wonderful bookmarks shortcode plug-in to show my saved bookmarks on my blog based on this thread.

After having success in organising my standard blog post archive list to group by month rather than 1 big long list I wanted to do the same with my bookmarks.

I did the archive page successfully with code like this:

{{ $list := (where .Site.Pages "Type" "post") }}

{{ range $list.GroupByDate "January 2006" }}
	{{ range .Pages }}

	// code for what I want to display

	{{ end }}
{{ end }}

wanted to say thankyou to @jsonbecker whose posts like this one helped me greatly with that!

But I couldn’t yet get it working with bookmarks. My assumption is that bookmarks don’t have a “date” as such so I need to tell it what to group by.

I had hoped that code something like this would work:

{{< bookmarks >}}

{{ range .items.GroupByParamDate "date_published" "January 2006" }}   
	{{ range .items }}

      // whatever I want to display

    {{ end }}
{{ end }} 

But it doesn’t. I get this error:

EXECUTE-AS-TEMPLATE: failed to transform “bookmarks-shortcode-template.html” (text/html): template: bookmarks-shortcode-template.html:6:15: executing “bookmarks-shortcode-template.html” at <.items.GroupByParamDate>: can’t evaluate field GroupByParamDate in type interface {}

maybe date_published isn’t considered a parameter or I need to groupby something other than .items.

I know .date_published exists bc I can do things like this successfully:

{ time.Format "2 Jan 2006" (time.AsTime .date_published) 

Does anyone know if I’m on the right tracks or am I attempting the impossible?
Thanks as always!