The team at Glass is currently developing an API to enable engineers to seamlessly integrate their apps and services with the Glass platform. Today, they unveiled the first of these integrations, which involves a software called Capture One. Capture One users will now have the capability to directly upload photos to Glass through the application.

One of the features I particularly appreciate on is the ability to publish here and syndicate content to various platforms. It would be beneficial to extend this functionality to allow cross-posting from to Glass.

To achieve this integration, a couple of considerations need to be addressed:

  1. Photos must be uploaded to Glass prior to any processing to ensure that EXIF metadata remains intact and that image quality doesn’t degrade.
  2. Glass’s predefined ‘Categories’ should be used as a reference for matching. Categories that Glass doesn’t support (as they have a limited selection) should be disregarded.

Currently, I cross-post from Glass to (via RSS). There are some color balance issues when you post to first and yup, also the stripping of the EXIF metadata is a problem.

Cross-posting to Glass does seem like a natural addition to our support for Flickr and Pixelfed. There’s no public Glass API yet, though. Keeping an eye on this.

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That’s why it would be best to have it the other way around: using as the source and cross-posting to other services.

I’m not a big fan of importing to via RSS because it incorporates decisions made by those platforms into my blog. I prefer the opposite approach.

Yes, that’s why I posted there :wink: To keep an eye on it, as they are beginning the API work and are open to hearing from developers about their needs, expectations, and more for the API. Thanks!

They ask you to email them at I have already done that adding a vote to support and have mentioned you by name as the founder.

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