GitHub profile link to's Mastodon handle

GitHub has added support for Mastodon links in your profile. It looks like they are doing something to figure out that the link is Mastodon compatible.

I know that isn’t a Mastodon instance, but I would like people who use Mastodon to be able to follow me using’s ActivityPub support. When I try to add GitHub doesn’t recognize it.

Am I doing something wrong or does this just not make sense to try with

It looks like GitHub has hardcoded this to Mastodon’s @username format. I can’t get it to work with either. I’ll do some more testing and see if we can figure out a work-around.

So, GitHub is checking the server type and only adding the icon and link if it’s Mastodon. I have mixed feelings about advertising as Mastodon all the time. We might be able to add a setting to temporarily change the server type so this works with GitHub, until GitHub can add official support for