Ghost posts keep reappearing

:wave: Hi @manton!

Earlier today, I completely deleted my blog to recreate it from scratch. After recreating it, I configured my domain so that I could maintain the same address for the new one. Additionally, I posted two new entries:

  1. Pair Programming and TDD
  2. F*** SUV

However, I encountered an issue. Whenever I post, edit, or make any changes to the blog, old posts that should no longer exist reappear. Could this be due to caching on the M.b side? Is there a way to resolve this?

Thank you!


Just to expand on why this caching shouldn’t exist after wiping or deleting a blog. After deleting a blog, its cache should have the same fate.

It’s true my new blog has the same domain, but what if the blog wasn’t from the same person anymore? It could leak posts from someone else.

Also, the Posts page should be the source of truth. Posts that aren’t there shouldn’t appear on the blog at all.


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I’ve cleared out the cache. You’re right, this is an issue… When deleting a blog, it should wipe out the previous cached blog posts. They will reset on their own, but it sometimes takes a day or so.