Getting “Please Upgrade” message when I have a subscription

When I’m looking at the timeline via the web, and click on “New Post”, I see the following error message:

When I visit the subscriptions page, I see I have a “ (yearly)” plan with quantity of “2”. Both of my blogs are then listed below, including the one that gives me the error above.

I’m not sure what I’m being asked to do. I don’t think I need to upgrade to Premium — I’m not doing podcasting, videos, bookmarking, or newsletters. And it looks like all my blogs are accounted for under my current subscription (which should be good until december). Are yearly subscriptions not charged all at once? Has there been a billing hiccup? How would I find out?

Just chiming in, here. I just saw this, too, when I was at the website. I started by going to my posts (where I did not see the banner). But, then I clicked on “Timeline,” and then that’s when I saw the message at the top of the page. I visited the subscription page and I saw that I have one monthly subscription (which is what I am expecting). I also saw the last few payments (I started my subscription back in December). Otherwise, things seem to be working for me. I came here to see what to do, and I saw this post. (Thanks @jemmons for posting)

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If you have an active subscription and this happens, it’s probably a bug. It seems to happen sometimes where gets confused… I’m working on a permanent fix, but in the meantime I can update the accounts so they are correct.

This can also sometimes happen if a credit card expired or something else was wrong with updating it. If the problem persists, email me at so we can sort it out.

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Thank you for the reply, Manton. I thought I had set this up with ApplePay, but when I checked, I saw that it was not. I’ve remedied that. Thanks for giving me another week to keep posting.