Full screen photos on iPad - limit size?

I happened to see this yesterday, I shared an image from Lightroom Mobile to Sunlit and posted it. Later when I looked at it in the micro.blog app it wasn’t as sharp as the image I had in LR (possible also a color cast in the whites) when I viewed it full screen. I think I read somewhere that the size that is stored on micro.blog is 1600px but when I display it on my iPad I think that the image is scaled up … thus resulting in a slightly blurry photo.

Perhaps a solution here would be to display the photos in 100% size and not 100% of screen size?

I think you’re right. On the iPhone, full-screen is almost never going to display larger than the resolution of the photo, but on the iPad’s larger screen it could. That would be a good change to keep it to 100%.

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