Frustration with Category pages

I had two pages made up of feeds from two individual categories that I have.

One category page appears to be working correctly, the page being populated by all the posts in that category.

The second, which I have deleted for now out of frustration, would sometime vary in the number of posts that it populated the page with. Sometimes one, sometimes all but two, and occasionally some number in between. I have rebuilt the page a number of times and that appears to repopulate the page, only for some of the posts to disappear in time.

Is there a fix for this, or is this a deeper bug?

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Sorry this was frustrating. This sounds to me like a side effect of how will often try to do a quick publish of your recent posts, then republish the site with all posts. However, it is not supposed to leave category pages in an uncertain state like that. I’m making another improvement to categories today so I’ll review this and see if there’s a bug.

Hi Manton,

Thank you for replying so quickly. Just to say that I have just added the second category page again (if you are on my site, it is menu link is the :world_map: emoji. The category is OnTheRoad.

When I initially set it up, the URL I used was:

I noticed that my other category page, indeed most other pages did not have the final ‘/’ and so I am now using the URL,

I don’t know if that makes any difference? At the moment I have a full page listing.


Hi, @manton . First of all, woohoo, this is my first post and microblog. It’s a bit of an adjustment but I love the Markdown editing, etc. Second, and why I’m posting here, is how does one merge categories? I have an awful lot of categories from years of blogging, and want to streamline them to about 5.

What would be the best way to accomplish that without losing blog entries (I discovered that if I delete a category, all the blog entries are gone, too).

Thanks in advance and apologies if this is covered in some tutorial somewhere I haven’t read yet.

Excited about my new home for my Around the Corner blog,

Miguel Guhlin (or, for now)

Hi and welcome! :wave:

I don’t think there’s a feature for that, unfortunately. You have to do it manually unless you’re comfortable scripting using APIs. Another option might be to merge categories in your old blog before importing the posts to

This should not happen. I deleted a category on my own test blog just now, and posts that were in that category are still around. If that’s not the case for you, report it as a bug to

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Sod, thanks so much for the response. That is a relief RE:posts. I am new at Premium (woohoo!), so I’ll have to experiment some more.

If I delete ALL the content from my current blog, then reimport with slimmed down categories, will that work?

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I don’t want to give you any guarantees when it comes to deleting content and reimporting, so I won’t. :sweat_smile: But I can say that’s the way I would have done it: make sure that posts have all the right categories assigned to them before importing, to avoid having to merge categories after the fact.

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If you want to re-import the content with cleaned up categories, there is no need to delete the blog posts in You can delete all the categories in but leave the blog posts as they are. Then, when you run the import again, is smart enough not to create duplicate blog posts. It will update the existing posts with any new categories from the import.

This kind of category overload comes up often enough that we definitely need a “clear all my categories” button, or some kind of bulk edit.


I think having a filter that can use a category and then a delete category would probably go 95% of the way for bulk editing.

This issue is resolved. Thanks!

Miguel Guhlin

I have the same issue in my page. I want to build it around category pages, and I’ve set three so far. All of them are missing some of the posts within each category and it seems like the number of them varies from time to time. It’s very visible right now that I don’t have many posts and the ones that are missing are easily spottable, and I fear that this issue will be harder to notice, but still an issue, when there’s more posts. @crossingthethreshold is it solved for you? @manton is there a fix?

Category pages specifically are exceptionally slow to update with large blogs on There’s aggressive caching and it can take quite a long time to get a full rebuild of a category page. This has been a frustration for a lot of folks, and comes from a desire to get new posts out immediately and not allow slow blog builds to be a problem.

I’d like to see this rearchitected a bit myself, personally. Even very large Hugo blogs can typically rebuild within 10s, and I wonder how much of this is file transfer speeds etc. But however the build queue works doesn’t seem efficient enough to support full builds with incremental posts leading to these “partial states” being quite common.

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