Frustration with Category pages

I had two pages made up of feeds from two individual categories that I have.

One category page appears to be working correctly, the page being populated by all the posts in that category.

The second, which I have deleted for now out of frustration, would sometime vary in the number of posts that it populated the page with. Sometimes one, sometimes all but two, and occasionally some number in between. I have rebuilt the page a number of times and that appears to repopulate the page, only for some of the posts to disappear in time.

Is there a fix for this, or is this a deeper bug?

Thank you,

Sorry this was frustrating. This sounds to me like a side effect of how will often try to do a quick publish of your recent posts, then republish the site with all posts. However, it is not supposed to leave category pages in an uncertain state like that. I’m making another improvement to categories today so I’ll review this and see if there’s a bug.

Hi Manton,

Thank you for replying so quickly. Just to say that I have just added the second category page again (if you are on my site, it is menu link is the :world_map: emoji. The category is OnTheRoad.

When I initially set it up, the URL I used was:

I noticed that my other category page, indeed most other pages did not have the final ‘/’ and so I am now using the URL,

I don’t know if that makes any difference? At the moment I have a full page listing.