Foursquare /Swarm import not working

Similar to the Instagram import, looks like Foursquare is also not working.

Got my archive, imported the Checkins JSON file, it says “File loaded New posts are now importing to your site” but no posts are showing up. Also seeing no activity for Foursquare/Swarm in my log.

I do have 3 checkin files (Checkins1.JSON Checkins2. JSON & Checkins3.JSON) not sure f that’s any issue.

I wonder if Foursquare changed their export format. I haven’t had much luck downloading my archive yet. Do you mind forwarding your files to If the format is changed, we can update the importer.

Thanks Manton! Have sent the data archive to

Wow, I thought Foursquare/Swarm was dead like 10 years ago!

Still being used, more or less as a life-logger. Location info is pretty good. And still thing it’s cool to add your logins from the past to your