Foreign language blog

I’m wondering what’s the best way in MB to post in a non-English language, and still give an indication in the timeline what language it is, and perhaps even what it’s about. An excerpt or more tag would be nice, but I don’t see how that could be done with the MB interface.

In WordPress, with the proper theme, you can setup excerpts, so they appear on the main page in reverse chronological order, and place English language descriptions of your otherwise non-English language posts on the main page. If you click on the title of the post, the body of the post appears in its own language (though, still the same title).

Another solution in Wordpress is to insert a more tag, which you can use to peak the interest of the reader, but also to put an abbreviated English version there instead, continuing with the foreign language version of the post “under the fold” (after the reader selects “more”).

So how could I do this in MB?

P.S. The only solution I can see ATM is to keep two blogs, one with the foreign language posts, and one which acts as a link blog, in English. This seems more work and will be more expensive. It defeats the purpose of micro blogging (reduce friction to write).

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