Following Issue Misskey/Sharkey

I just realized there is something weird happening with following.

If a fediverse username is it can be followed via Sharkey.

However, is Fediverse username is custom ( for instance) it cannot be followed.

I’m not technically inclined, but it’s a weird bug and I’m not sure if it’s on Sharkey’s end or if there’s something wonky on our end.

Thanks for catching this. I suspect that it’s an issue with Sharkey, but I don’t know for sure. The reason this might be a problem is that some servers have sort of different rules for how strict they are about domain names matching between the various URLs that ActivityPub uses internally. In other words, for a custom username like, internally still uses URLs in some cases, and that might be tripping up Sharkey. Or it could be an issue with Sharkey following redirects between a custom domain name.

I’ll try to test this, but it might be a good thing to report to Sharkey too because they will be in a better position to troubleshoot.

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Thanks @manton! I will definitely pass this along. I’m guessing you’re right because I had a similar issue with So it likely is something on Sharkey end.