Following hashtags feature request

I’d like to subscribe to hashtags across the whole Fediverse, if possible. For instance, rather than following just individual people from Mastodon etc etc, I’d like to follow the #RomanceLandia hashtag, for example, Romancelandia is this possible on, and if so, how can I do this already?

This is not possible. We don’t plan on adding following for hashtags. Maybe if Mastodon added an RSS feed for hashtags that would be another way to get similar functionality in the future, following the feed.

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All hashtags on Mastodon are RSS feeds, I just checked, so how could I subscribe to an RSS feed on This would be good to know for blogs I wanna follow as well @manton.

Oh thanks, I didn’t realize that was already possible! I was thinking ahead, there’s not actually a feature to follow specific RSS feeds. You can follow personal blogs by searching for their domain name, but that doesn’t work for Mastodon because there are many feeds on a single Mastodon instance.