Followed Mastodon Accounts Not Loading

Hi all!

I followed a bunch of mastodon accounts around 10-12 hours ago (from the time of this post), and a large chunk of them are either:

  1. This seems to be the most common, but its not displaying any of their posts in my timeline or their microblog page despite their mastodon page having posts. It reads in microblogs end “Posts for this user are still being downloaded. Reload”.
  2. only some of these users posts are coming across. One has messages from several months ago showing up but none of their recent posts. One the other hand, one has a few of the recent posts (like 4 hours worth) but none of the older posts.

Any advice or assistance?

My apologies if this is in the wrong category!

I fixed an issue today that should improve how posts from Mastodon are loaded, especially for new Mastodon accounts that were just added to If you still notice this problem after today, please let us know. Thanks!