Follow Mastodon user from web?

I self-host my blog on Wordpress but use the site and app to follow users and view my timeline. I notice that I can search for and follow Mastodon-based users through the app, but when I search a Mastodon user on the Web, I don’t see a link to follow them (as I do with a user).

Because following Mastodon users uses the ActivityPub API, we hide the “Follow” button unless you have ActivityPub enabled for your blog under the Account screen. That also requires a custom domain name for your microblog. Because you don’t have a blog on, that feature isn’t available.

I’ve considered opening up our Mastodon support to any user, but there are some tradeoffs with that, so I’m not sure if it’s the right fit for You may also want to check out Bridgy Fed which works with WordPress.

In any case, we do need to improve the profile screen so that it’s clear when that option isn’t available.