[Fixed] Manual cross-posting Issue with Bluesky

Hi there,

I am facing an issue with the Bluesky setup. I just tried to cross-post some blog posts from my secondary blog to Bluesky by using the new “Cross-post” button on the Posts page. However, I noticed that the cross-post editor targets the Bluesky account configured for my primary blog, not the secondary one.

My secondary blog is set up to cross-post to @epictalestavern.com on Bluesky, as shown in the screenshot below:

Yet, when attempting a manual cross-post, the editor defaults to the Bluesky account associated with my primary blog, as illustrated in the following screenshot:


Good catch, thanks. I think if you have more than Bluesky account, I’m going to change this to show both accounts as separate options in the cross-post menu. We do this already for Mastodon, and I think it will be more reliable in case the domain names don’t match up exactly.

This change has been made now.

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Awesome! Thank you so much, @manton!