Filtering photos by category - Only returns a few photos

Hi all. Complete newbie here. Installed the masonry-style photos page plug-in to spruce it up a bit and add the option to filter by category (“Photography”). However only two posts are showing up on the photos page (live link here), when I have roughly 50 posts categorized under Photography. Any clues as to why this would happen?

It’s hard to tell what is going on here. Visiting your archive page and filtering by Photography yields the same two (now three) posts. Maybe the categorization hasn’t caught on? Sometimes problems like this go away when rebuilding your blog by visiting the logs page and hitting Rebuild.

Another thing to try for troubleshooting is to clear the Only include photos from posts with the following categories to see if that makes all your images appear in the masonry layout.

That seemed to do the trick. :slight_smile: Thank you!