Feeds does not change to updated domain name

Hi, I’ve changed my domain name and so the url of my blog. Under “Account” it states the new domain correctly “Blogs: marco.tmi.lol”. But in the Feeds section above it still has the old domain listed: “https://mb.tmi.lol/feed.json”. Shouldn’t this change by itself? :thinking: Am I supposed to change this manually? Do I have to delete the old feed and add a new one, if yes, do I have to do it under “Add posts to Micro.blog timeline” or “Import posts to blog: esamecar.micro.blog”? :exploding_head:

(I’m really trying hard, but somehow I still don’t really understand the basic concept of mb. It happens to me so often that I don’t know if something is a bug or feature or if I’m just too stupid, or if things weren’t implemented quite consistently. But that’s another story.)

Help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Right now there are some cases where you do have to change the feed URL yourself. You’re right, that should be automatic. You can delete the feed and add a new one. You want the “Add posts to Micro.blog timeline” option.

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