Feedback : Comment user flow from own site →

I ended up on @jean site from I love the “Conversation on” button underneath the post.

It’s simple to click and I can then leave a comment on MB. First a question, is that a plug-in or do I need to code that directly into my theme?

Now a comment. I think this might be a good path to acquiring new users. If someone stumbles upon a site, wants to leave a comment they click through to

The logged out experience on a post in should have a “Reply” button that will then have a simple signup form + reply. This might lead to more new users.

I guess one way to find out if that is potentially worth it is if you have analytics on the number of people that land on a post that are not current users.

Yes, it is.

I think @manton is working on this but more users might also mean more spam so have to strike a balance. There are other options for now.

Yes, as Pratik already mentioned, that’s my plug-in Conversation on You have to decide where to put the button in your blog’s layout, so some tinkering with a custom theme is needed.

There are instructions on the page Pratik linked to. Let me know if you get stuck, and I will try my best to help you.