Fediverse avatar issues

I’m trying to be consistent with my avatar/profile picture across the Fediverse, but this account is being stubborn. Has anyone got any idea how I can make my account appear here and in the Fediverse with the actual profile image that I set up for Micro.blog two weeks ago? I made the change here and on Gravatar, but no effect. The right image shows up only on my Micro.blog timeline. Today I deactivated my Gravatar account because it’s a relic. Now my fingers are crossed that this will have an impact. Any other suggestions?

My observation is that Mastodon is very aggressive about caching avatars and this has been unreliable for some time.

But it’s happening here too. This 2019 photo of me is not what I’m using.

This site is not connected to Micro.blog at all, just Gravatar, and it only updates your Gravatar if you go to your profile page and hit refresh.

https://help.micro.blog/u/mrstoneman/preferences/account for you. I just hit refresh on mine and swapped to my gravatar versus what I uploaded on this page.

Okay, but then why is this same image sticking so stubbornly to my Micro.blog account as it appears in the fediverse? I don’t buy that it’s a Mastodon issue because I haven’t experienced the same issues for any other changes I’ve made to connected accounts. Maybe it has something to do with my changing my account name to markstoneman. That change “took” in most places, but not here, where it persists as mrstoneman for some reason.

Just to be very clear-- the account on this forum? This account is attached to nothing else. Click your photo, go to your profile, change your avatar here directly. The only avatar syncing on this forum comes from Gravatar, and it does not automatically update on Discourse, the software that runs this forum.

This forum is not connected in anyway to the “fediverse” really.

I got that. I heard you. Which is why I haven’t bothered changing it. I’m just trying to get some consistency in the Fediverse.