Federated posts and line breaks


Although this isn’t a cross-posting issue, it’s related to federation. I’m experiencing an issue where all of my federated blog posts that are multi-line have additional line breaks inserted. I’m mostly using the official Micro.blog app to post.


This is sort of a bug in Ivory. Line breaks shouldn’t matter in HTML, but because of Ivory’s roots with Twitter it does display the line breaks. If you view the same posts in Mastodon on the web, they will look correct.

We should be able to work around this in Micro.blog by cleaning up the post text before it is sent to Mastodon. I was hoping other Mastodon apps would fix this on their side, though.

It’s not just ivory and not just mobile clients. Elk.zone and other web clients I’ve tried have also show different spacing.

(also sometimes show a “translate” button…I’m wondering if m.b doesn’t set an expected language attribute or some such?)

I still think this is a bug in those clients. But maybe it doesn’t matter and we’ll have to solve it in Micro.blog anyway.

I noticed the translate button too. I bet you’re right about some missing language field that Mastodon expects. I’ll look into this.

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Thanks for looking into it.

I have a similar issue with line breaks in alt text on blue sky.

Line breaks show up as &10;

Oh and now they don’t! Hooray

I wonder if that was a temporary Bluesky glitch? I didn’t change any of that recently. Glad it’s working now at least.

I wonder if it would help to have visibility consistency in micro.blog, first?

Post, timeline, web, app show spacing differently sometimes. (Leaving blog conversation out because themes can complicate it.)

Ah spoke too soon. It happens again.