Feature suggestion: 'Drafts' should be a separate tab

Drafts should be a separate tab in the Posts area of the micro.blog Dashboard on the Web and apps. Especially because microblogging by definition would mean it’s likely publishing new posts would keep pushing the drafts further down.

Another small but related issue is that the drafts are labelled as a subtle “draft” in gray color, which is not the easiest thing to spot when trying to go back to a draft post to publish it. Perhaps using red and CAPS or something else may be useful for quick visual identification?

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This relates to my previous topic for making M.b. respect “time of posting” drafts more:

Agreed that unposted drafts need to be relegated to being treated likes Notes in your Apple Notes app. Especially as test blogs should be for trying out stuff visually (though they still need to be search de-indexed for that).