Feature suggestion: Add "Follow button" on the profile view for logged out users!

The profile view of a micro.blog user doesn’t show the “Follow” button for users who don’t have an account or aren’t logged in! Without that, it’s not apparent to people that they need to sign up on micro.blog to follow the user. Adding a follow button which leads to the sign up page would be intuitive. I believe this is just an oversight and hope it’s fixed soon!

Thanks for the feedback! That’s a good point.

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Glad you liked it! Further, is it possible that the way “Follow” button works on micro.blog/username also works on the hosted micro.blog directly i.e. the user doesn’t need to click “Follow on micro.blog” to go to the profile page and then click Follow again. I suppose this would be convenient for both signed in and signed out users.

We could do that, although I try to limit the places that a blog connects to Micro.blog so that the blog remains mostly standalone without dependencies on the rest of the Micro.blog platform. Maybe it’s an option, though.

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