Feature requests after a couple of weeks

Hi there, I’ve been posting to micro.blog for a couple of weeks now and, for the most part, really enjoy what you’re building here. I love not seeing metrics for my posts, and posting directly from Ulysses.

I started blogging again when Hey World was announced because it was so simple. Then moved over to Substack to test that out.

Here are a few features I’d love to see if possible:

  1. Ability to publish edits/updates from Ulysses
  2. Allow non-users to subscribe to get new posts via email (and only when I want to email a post, like on Hey World)
  3. Post to the Timeline but not my blog. I like the idea of using micro.blog for short updates in a private and calm alternative to Twitter, but don’t want these shorter tweet-like posts to hit my blog proper.

Thanks and keep up all of the great work!


Number two and three on your wishlist is possible right now if you’re willing to tinker a little. :blush:

Many newsletter services can automatically send letters based on web feeds. For example, Mailchimp has support for sharing blog posts via RSS. So you could set up a separate Newsletter category in your blog and only share that feed to your Mailchimp subscribers.

Posting to the timeline but not your blog should be possible as well. One approach is to create a category for timeline posts and then hide posts from that category on your blog (but include them in the feed that gets posted to the Micro.blog timeline). This would require tinkering with custom templates for your blog.

Another approach is to create a separate blog (on Micro.blog or elsewhere) and add its feed for inclusion on the Micro.blog timeline. Thus, posts to that blog would appear on the timeline without “polluting” your blog proper.

Regarding the ability to publish edits and updates from Ulysses, you could try contacting the developers of that app. Maybe they have plans for it.

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I’d recommend the 2nd account approach to timeline-only.
For now I think a cheeky hack might be: start your mini-messages with an @username and it would count as a “Reply” and wouldn’t go onto your blog page unless you ticked ‘add replies’.

Big +1 to #3.