Feature Request: Some form of mass content editing

One thing I really miss from self-hosted Hugo is the ability to mass manipulate my posts using something like grep. For example, if I’d like to do a global find and replace for a short code to change how some of my posts work, etc. I don’t love the idea of doing a full export and essentially reimport of my blog (which Manton has now made much easier!).

I’m not quite sure of the best form for this. In some ways, it’s a feature that I wish something like Mars Edit had and may best belong there. But if someone else has any thoughts about sort of big structural markup changes like this, I’m all ears.

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Yes! Not even just mass editing, but any broader ability to find, edit, link, delete, update, etc. posts and pages. As micro.blog stands, it’s really centered on fleeting posts with minimal ability to maintain them.

Mars Edit is the closest thing I can find right now, too.

We can add a global find-and-replace. I’ve wanted that too. The related missing piece that I was waiting on was a way to “undo” mistakes that will probably happen with find-and-replace, but we have that now with keeping multiple versions of a post. So expect to see this before too long.

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There’s now a global find and replace. Not grep, but should be really useful for making batch changes. Find and replace - YouTube

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This looks great!

Feature request to feature implementation - 6 days! :raised_hands:t4:

I tried but don’t think we can “find” by emoji to replace with either text or another emoji, right?

In my testing it worked fine with emoji, but now I’m noticing that it does depend on the emoji. It will work with some and not others. I’ll look into fixing this.