Feature request (Mac app): Upload media

Add the ability to upload media and the ability to copy Markdown in addition to HTML (like in the iOS app).

Unsure if the request includes changing, or adding to this but for anyone looking to copy Markdown:

  • Go to the Uploads tab →
  • Right-click the image →
  • Hold the option key to see “Copy Markdown”.
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Also in case it’s not clear, you can drag images from the Finder into the Uploads screen in the Mac app. We probably need a button in the toolbar for it too.

Ah! I didn’t know this. Thanks!

Yup. Didn’t know this either, but in my defense, it’s not intuitive. I checked and it works even when I drag a photo from the Photos app.

BTW is there a way to delete the upload from the Mac app? I didn’t see one.

When an upload is selected, command-delete will delete it.

Got it. I should’ve guessed that :man_facepalming:t4: