Feature Request: Better display of multiple photos on the timeline

Photos are now an integral part of Micro.blog, but the default display for a multiple-photo post on the timeline could be better. When you add multiple photos, it just puts them one after the other making it a long post. I want to share multiple photos (series) in a post, but I don’t like the UX of seeing them in the timeline, so I don’t.

I have a couple of options in mind, but wondering if this is even a need in the community.


Yes please. I don’t know if there is a good default for this particular situation but, as with a number of other issues various people have spoken of it feels like timeline customisation would be a good development.

Sunlit is not a viable alternative in this instance since there is no way to keep the photos you’ve already seen in Sunlit away from the main app; you just have to tolerate a thing you’ve already seen, taking up lots of space.

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I’d add to this (and yes, it definitely affects photos being shown from our own posts) - photos coming in from the fediverse are also affected. Example below.

Compared to the original (I can’t embed two items in a post?)