Favicons out of date and sync

I’ve already created and uploaded new favicons based on my avatar image, but they’re not fully updating to the new version. If I open my index page on my iPad and iPhone, they each show a different older favicon image. Only when I click into an individual post on each do they both show the correct newest version. I’ve tried adding version numbers to the link tag inside the head.html file, but no luck.

Any ideas how I can get all my devices (and I’m assuming anyone who visits my blog) to have the correct favicon? I’ve cleared the cache numerous times on both devices as well as incrementing the version, so I’m at a loss why this still doesn’t work.

This is a Safari “thing” and it likes to hold onto Favicons for some time… even if they have changed. Clearing cache doesn’t work either – it’s really weird.

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Thanks Vincent, I was afraid of that. I recalled the previous caching issues I was plagued with trying to test Tufte and Hitchens in Safari, and resorting fully to Inspect browser for this reason. At least share cards, saving the bookmark to my Home Screen, and the favicon in RSS are all correct.