Faulty page links and "missing" entries

I got a problem, when I look at my site (micro.mostrom.eu) and clicks the links for the pages “Archive” and “Photos” I get a “Not Found” message, clicking on the “Main Site” and “About” links work (these two pages are what I’ve set up myself).

But it also seem like entries are skipped, I can only see entries back to Oct 10th and I don’t see any link/button to go back further. If I switch theme I have similar problems but on the standard theme I could look at two pages before the entries end. I have some 900+ entries so I think that there should be a few more there :smiley:

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? Am I missing something? How can it be fixed?

Looks like there is a theme error while processing your site, which is preventing it from completely building the pages. If you look under the Design screen, you should see the error message. (Missing “glightbox” shortcode.)

Probably the best way to fix it is to edit the post that uses GLightbox or make sure the plug-in is installed. I’ll also follow up in email.

Deleted two posts, Archive and Photos now looks OK. The Minos theme also shows a list of all pages so everything seem to work as it should. Thanks.