External blog posting to via micro.blog apps not working?

Hello! I haven’t been able to post via any of the micro.blog apps (iOS and macOS) to my MovableType blog. I also can’t seem to do any @ replies via the app either. Curious if something has changed or if it’s something on my end?

This is the error I see on the macOS app:
The operation couldn’t be completed. (kUUHttpSessionErrorDomain error -2.)

There is no error that appears on the iOS app after posting. It just disappears into the ether.

Posting to Movable Type is all on the client side, and nothing has changed in the iOS app in many months, while we work on the new beta of 3.0.

Sorry that the error is so unhelpful. But this feels like something on the Movable Type side has changed? Or a general networking problem of some kind?

I got your private message too but let’s try to troubleshoot here or in email. I wonder if anyone else out there is using Movable Type and has experience to share?

Thanks for the info! I’ll check to see if I messed something up in my config on my end, as that’s probably what it is! :grimacing:

OK! Did some tests and looked at my server config. It seemed fine, so I tried signing out and signing back in on the micro.blog apps to see if I needed to reauthorize on my end. That seems to have fixed it! I’ll remember to try signing out before asking for assistance next time. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for always being so kind and willing to assist!

Glad that fixed it! No problem, that must be a bug in Micro.blog. Sounds like the settings got messed up somehow.

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