Exporting photographs

So I exported my site using “Export theme and Markdown”. In the results, within the “content” folder, I only see the .md files with a link to the image file, but not the image file itself. I can’t find the photographs anywhere else either (the only images are ones relating to the theme).

How do I download my content including the actual photographs, not just links? Thanks!

I haven’t tried it for myself, but some of the other export options should include your photos as well. Three ways that explicitly mention uploads/photos are:

  • Blog Archive Format (which is a ZIP file with all your posts and file uploads).
  • Under the Design section, there’s a setting to enable GitHub archiving. This automatically copies posts as HTML, JSON, and uploaded photos to a GitHub repository about once a week.
  • In Micro.blog 2.1 for macOS, File → Export has 2 options that will run locally on your Mac:
    • Markdown (download all your posts as Markdown with front matter, including photos).

All those options that @sod mentioned are good for including images. The “Export theme and Markdown” is designed to be a smaller export and does not include images.

Thanks for the info! A humble suggestion: if the .bar file is just a .zip file, it would be good to actually give it a .zip filename, so that people receiving it know what to do with it instead of wondering what the hell a .bar file is.

The .bar file is designed to be easy back up or move around, for example importing from or to another blog system, so keeping it as a single file is helpful. Micro.blog for macOS also supports double-clicking to open and preview a .bar file directly. As more blog systems support .bar, I hope that it can be a universal format that makes blog migration easier.