Export options on MB 2.1

It would be great if the export remembered the last time an export was run and gave the option to export all or export just content from > the last export date. I have around 2200 posts, and it takes quite a bit of time to export. I think the Day One import is not going to be a thing I want to repeat (Day One is not doing well with 2200 posts suddenly added), but would want to be able to do on some kind of regular basis to keep a copy.

Thanks, I think we’ll want to continue to improve this. With Day One in particular, more of an incremental update makes more sense.

This feature has become more complicated than I expected, so I think for 2.1 we’ll keep it as a basic export and not incremental, although we could revisit this later. A work-around in the meantime is to always export into a separate Day One journal, then batch select only the new journal entries and drag them into your real journal.

Fair enough! I did want to note that even with that many posts, though I did have to quit Day One after the import to get it working, the import did work well. The only oddity, which I don’t think is fixable or in scope, was that my use of shortcodes around images resulted in code blocks in Day One and not with the images in the post. My guess is it’s pushing markdown unprocessed and not HTML, which is going to be correct for 99% of people.

Yeah, that’s true, the export runs with the original Markdown, before it has been processed by Hugo. I wonder if we should start storing the post-processed text too so that we have more control over things like this.

Interested in DayOne integration since Patrick Rhone talk. Looks like on free plan it would properly import though cos limited to 1 photo per post, right?

of the other 3 options, which would people say is the most ‘standard’ likely interoperable in future? Guessing either Blog Archive or Markdown


this is what Markdown export folder looks like:

I’m pleasantly surprised at how well structured it is by day & month.

In terms of propensity for import, it’s pretty cool it has the structured tags at the top.

One slight potential weakness is that the uploads referenced are hard-coded including original.domain/date before the filename code, which is simply what the uploads are saved as.

The filename code could be pulled out and added to the list at the top perhaps @manton to make it easier to reference the correct upload.

I’m also impressed that it’s successfully downloaded the richer-media:
especially as I only uploaded them on a trial of $10 premium plan (though I plan to upgrade on next yearly renewal to podcast more)

I’m guessing Blog Archive is probably less nice for a human to look at, but probably more easily imports into more places?

I think you’re probably right on that.

I think we should improve this in the future so that the image references are relative. Glad it’s working, though!

has anyone tried importing to Day One to use their Book printing Book Printing | Day One Help
Patrick Rhone recommended in Micro.Camp?
I noticed you can only process order from iOS now, wondering if you could still import on Mac.