Excluding post narration audio from podcast feed

I’m a big fan of the new audio narration for blogposts feature recently added to micro.blog, however I’m wondering whether there’s a way to exclude audio added for this purpose from my site’s podcast feed.

Ideally I’d like to have the option to use my site’s podcast.xml feed to publish audio specifically intended as podcast episodes, and (either where micro.blog recognises an audio file as a post narration, or where I flag it to be excluded) it should be possible to exclude any given uploaded audio file from the podcast feed.

Is this possible either currently or potentially in the future? Thanks.

Good suggestion. That’s not possible right now. What if there was a plug-in that changed the podcast feed to use a specific blog category? That might be a good work-around.

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Yes, perfect, and then I could simply tag posts intended for the podcast feed with ‘podcast’ – opt in instead of opt out would work just fine. Thanks for considering it.

This has also been raised on the timeline.

I’ve created a plug-in for this. It’s called “Podcast category” and you can find it in the plug-in directory. By default it looks for a category called “Podcast”, but you can use the plug-in settings to enter any category.

Note that it assumes that the category includes posts with audio. It doesn’t do any extra filtering, so if the category includes some blog posts without any audio, it will still include those in the feed (and podcast clients will usually ignore those items).

Thanks @manton – this is superb work, and just what I was hoping for.