Everlasting Direct Messages link

When, if ever, will this callout go away? I got the message via email months ago, but I don’t see a way to dismiss this message.

No, the message just stays there right now. I’m happy to hear suggestions about better ways to handle this. We can’t just hide the link without some kind of replacement because there’s no other way to get to that screen.

I think eventually Micro.blog will have a more complete private message system, but I think Mastodon’s approach has some downsides. It’s not secure and the UI is confusing, in my opinion, so what we’ve built right now is just the bare minimum.

I wonder if it should just be a DM Archive in the side nav once you’ve received one.

Just some way to mark as read would be nice. Even if it’s ‘mark all as read’ and the link to all the messages sticks around, that would be okay.

I’m just not sure if I have new messages. The current amount doesn’t stick in my head, so I’m always second guessing.